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8 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good for Your Health

By On April 25, 2017

Staying in good health while traveling tends to be a bit more of a challenge than expected.  The pastries in France, the spicy foods of Thailand,  oh by the way…  and ALL… Read More

Travel Till you drop
Product Reviews

The Kindle is Amazing!

By On October 28, 2015

I read a lot. I’m guessing that if you are reading a blog or two, that you probably do the same.  One of the products I have found to be a lifesaver on… Read More

Jill Charpia
Blog challenge

Beginning Blogger Mistakes

By On October 3, 2015

As a new blogger you can and will make mistakes. There are certainly a ton of them to be made. Blogging as I’m sure you all have realized is a learning experience!… Read More

Tips & Tricks

Cheap Flights: How To Find Affordable Airline Tickets • Expert Vagabond

By On September 20, 2015

While I love to tell people that travel doesn’t have to be expensive, airline tickets often are. Here’s how you can find cheap flights for travel adventures.… Source: Cheap Flights: How To… Read More

Tips & Tricks

Travel Safety & Tips-Please Read & Heed

By On July 27, 2015

Let’s Talk Travel Safety (just in case) If some of you reading this have decided traveling to certain countries is just too dangerous, STOP right there and erase erase erase. If you… Read More

Tips & Tricks

I Want to Travel Internationally but I Just Don’t Know How. What Do I Do?

By On July 26, 2015

I’ve been asked this question so many times by people that want to see something different and go somewhere new, but are scared or don’t know how to do so.  So, I’m… Read More

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