About Me-Jill Charpia


So you wanna know a little about me (Jill Charpia) and who I am.

Well.. I’m a aspiring author, a up and coming travel blogger, adventure seeking lady, and lover of the outdoors.  I love to spin the globe, close my eyes and plant my finger (hopefully I don’t end up in the middle of the ocean) when I travel.  Passionate, silly, and lover of comedy.  I’m just starting out building my web presence and I’m gonna work hard to turn it into something you will love!

I’m recovering from one hell of a back surgery so I’m limited on the new experiences (for a time), but the old ones were a whole lot of fun 😉  I’m a 10 year Air Force Veteran who has been around the world a few times.

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Also, for a bit of a change up in your reading, come check me out and “like” my page on Facebook to get a little sneaky sneak as I progress with my 1st book.  Erotica starring powerful women  laced with a bit of assassination on the side.

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The concept of Travel Till You Drop  is to provide an experience where you will experience the world through a new set of eyes. You’ll laugh you’ll cry but most of all u will crave to travel. Learning through humor. Travel experiences in all their glory.

Ms Worldwide. 😉






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