How To Get Free Flights For Life | Travel Hacking Tips For Beginners

Travel Hacking Tips For Beginners

Ok, ok.. so you wonder how I travel like I do. Well, I’m definitely not rich (far from it). I’m not that smart (educated..yes, smart.. well, that’s questionable?? Lol). But what I have found is that I’m determined. Determined to find a way to figure out the little details that make the world go ‘round. To prove one of the smallest and easiest ways to earn travel points, I will show how to get free flights for life or a significantly longer vacation than you originally expected. It’s not a quick fix, nor one you don’t have to pay attention to the details, but it does add to your possible options to have a nice vacation, or even have a house for a month if the situation gets a little hectic. The one thing you need to have is GOOD Credit. So, if that’s not part of your current situation, we’ll work on that! I’ll help you figure that out a little later. If you do have good credit and want a paid vacation, look no further. Travel hacking  can be your thing!


How To Get Free Flights For Life?

Let's know some important and effective things that will help to get a free flight for travel.

Citi Premier Credit Card

Today I will show you what acquiring a Citi Premier card can provide. I signed up for this card about 2 months ago. From there, I was required to spend $4,000. Did I spend it on anything that I wasn’t otherwise planning on… Nope! I paid for my housing, I paid for the blogging expenses of what you clicked into and are reading on right now, groceries, and daily living expenses, even my phone bill. Nothing exceptional, nothing out of the ordinary, but spending $4k in 3 months isn’t really the hardest thing in the world to do. Since you’re going to spend this money anyway, you can reap the benefits of the signup bonuses. Always look for the best bonuses out there that could meet your needs. Here, my focus was to make sure I had enough points for my flight home from wherever in the world I ended up or to cover my housing for a period of time.





What You Can Get for 80,000 points

Ok, ok, so you now want me to shut up and tell you what can you get with those points. Well, the Citi Premier card offers 80,000 points for a $4k spend in 3 months and pay a $95 annual fee.

Travel till you drop

So here we go:
AirBnB: Eight $100 gift cards from AirBnB.

Travel Till You Drop

Or the same with $100 gift card for 10,000 points. So, 80,000 points, $800 in gift cards.

Travel Till You Drop

A round trip flight from New York to Paris.

Travel Till You Drop


Or 2 round trip tickets to Cancun

Travel Till You Drop

You can also easily transfer to air travel partners such as AeroMexico, Emirates, Etihad, Avianca, Air France, Jet Blue, Qatar Airways and the big one Singapore Airlines, all at a 1 to 1 ratio.

You can get a week long rental car in Scotland for a fraction of those earned points. 21K points for a week and you still have almost 60K points to play with.

Travel Till You Drop

Or, if you can’t find a deal that will make you feel super great on their websites, you can always book your own deal and then redeem you points for a credit on your own card. $800 to use on your own vacation just for signing up and using their credit card. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Travel Till You Drop

Shoot, you can get a place for a month on the beach in Thailand, or any number of countries.

Travel Till You Drop

Make sure to keep your card open for at least 1 year so you don’t hurt your credit or the damage your relationship with you the company that credit cards such as Chase Bank or Citibank, and wa-la. A significant chunk is taken out of your vacation! It’s a give and a take. You get free flights for life, travel, or whatever perk they are offering, and they get their annual fee and your business that may lead to you not paying interest on the bill you don’t completely pay off every week. It’s not illegal, it’s not unethical, it’s what do they want, what do you want, and how does everyone benefit from the situation. Just ensure that you are careful. Do your research. Pay attention to your credit card bills, work on your credit score, do what’s right and all parties can benefit.


While the Citi Premier card is one of the possible cards, there are a number of others that you can possibly acquire for the same purpose. Again, just make sure you do your research and always pay your credit cards in full. I’m providing a solution to acquiring a cheaper or even a free vacation. In life remember, nothing is free, so make sure you don’t abuse this privilege of earning points for free flights for life or not paying your bills but use this as a tool that can help you enjoy your life!


Best Travel Hacking Tips For You

If you don't know how to get free flights for life, i recomend to you that you need to do more research about travel hacking. So, as you can see, traveling the world or even just having a vacation is not something in a land far, far away. It’s achievable, but you have to learn the strategies. It’s like figuring out how to use coupons in the most efficient manner or finding the best sales on holidays, learning when to buy a car based upon the time frame that dealerships have inventory that needs to disappear. Overall, this is just another strategy that can help you to live your life in a more efficient way. So, if you’d like to learn how to pay for a month of rent in so many places, inclusive of France, Thailand, or heck Texas or Florida, for $95, listen up and learn a thing or two.

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No matter where you go or when, just always remember to Travel Till You Drop!

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