Best Travel Safety Tips For Every Traveller

Let’s Talk about Travel Safety Tips

If some of you reading this have decided traveling to certain countries is just too dangerous, STOP right there and erase erase erase.  If you travel to certain areas in the US, you will find yourself in extremely dangerous areas, but normally you make it through by avoiding the bad areas or by paying close attention to your surroundings. In this post, I’ll share some effective travel safety tips with real-life examples. Let's get's started.

Pay Attention While Travelling

If you are heading to a country or an area you are unsure of, remember to pay attention to your surroundings.  Try not to look like the tourist with the fanny packs, camera, and deer in the headlights look.  Continually scan your area and keep your guard up to a point.  Have fun, but make sure there’s at least one in the group that is sober and paying attention.




Hide Your Valuables

One of the most important travel safety tips is Hide your valuables. Taking your cash with you is necessary, but carrying a large purse where you keep everything is not a good idea.  Keep your cash, credit cards, and passport close to your body.  An inner pocket would be one of the best locations.  Just make it hard to get to.  Also, if you have bills folded; don’t pull everything you have out at the same time.  Place the small bills on top, and plan for what you think you may need to spend in a specific portion of your trip so you don’t have to pull out from your main stash.  Go to the bathroom or a private area to count out what you need.  If others don’t see it, they are less likely to go after it.


travel till you drop

Baggage Valet-Airports

Most of my travels have taken place in the Middle East.  In Kuwait, the valets were probably the worst/most persistent.  On my first few trips, I was the young blonde traveling through and they would approach from the left and right to try to help me with my bags.  My bags weren’t overly heavy, so I had them handled.  I figured if I could pack it, I’d better be able to carry it.  No matter how many times I told them no, they kept following and trying to push my luggage cart.  I told them, I had no money, but that didn’t stop them.  When I was at my next stop to check in, they stood there and waited for a tip.  I gave them a few dollars, but they didn’t believe it was enough.  It was overwhelming and they seriously stood there harassing me.  After my 2nd trip, I didn’t fall for this again and was able to be very forward and confident as I said, no, I do not need your assistance.  The valet is not required, but if you were to do this, and you aren’t comfortable making it through the airports on your own, you can hire the meet and greet service that will pick you and your bags up at baggage claim.  They will serve as your protector until you become more secure with your environment.  

Worry Less-Hire a VIP Service

Prior to my trip to Rio de Janeiro, my friend and I were told, don’t get off the main touristy streets, you’ll get mugged.  While I’m sure it happens, Rio is certainly not the only place in the world that has muggings.   Since we were two 20-year-old blondes, we decided to work around the potential issue and hire a VIP service.  The individuals picked us up from the hotel and took us to the dance clubs and served as our DDs, and provided the ins and outs to the area.  The service wasn’t overly expensive, and to have someone that knows the area help us out, we did find ourselves much more at ease with our environment. 

Alright, all, there are so many travel safety tips and things to think about when traveling abroad, but thinking about your steps ahead of time will help you through!  Hopefully, the few tips above will get you thinking.  I’ve learned a lot of what I know the hard way and by winging it.  It was interesting, but I took a lot of risks.  If I can help you all to find a safer way to travel, it’ll be worth it.  

It’s time to get traveling… so make sure you Travel Till You Drop!

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