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Travel Till You Drop

I’ve been told over and over - to travel as you do, you must be rich, you must have a million stashed somewhere, or you must have a sugar daddy; While I don’t, I wouldn’t mind one. Lol.  If you’re offering - the holler.  HA.  Seriously, if I did, I wouldn’t be talking to you all about how to travel on $50/day and survive on $2,000 a month, but rather, every last bit of luxury, yachts, and diamonds would be hitting your eyeballs right now.  I’m not saying that we can’t have those things, but for most of us, it’s not realistic at this time. With that being said, I want to use this blog to show you how you can have some of those things that will make you feel like you’re on a million-dollar vacation while doing it on a budget for Starbucks and Diet Coke.  I’d rather tell you $50 rather than $20 or $30/day because, well, I like hot water, I like heat and a/c, and being in a safe and a bit nicer of a neighborhood than finding bugs or random other creatures of the night in my bed (don’t ask don’t tell).

travel till you drop

Why I Love Travel:

I’ll tell you…this blog is not for the light-hearted.  If you like sarcasm, travel that does not always take the beaten path, involves whiskey, and is potentially offensive but makes you laugh, here you go!   I’m a milder, kinder, gentler version (only by a little) of Beth off Yellowstone (my hero)!   I love to travel, made it to the over 40 mark, and have learned not to care what everyone thinks, but rather, care what like-minded people do.  

I am writing this blog because I’ve been an outcast most of my life.  Trying to fit into the white picketed fence world with 2 kids, a house, and a dog.  Kids were never my thing, and the government took my homes, I never wanted kids, and my ex took my dogs.  Sheesh.  Call Johnny Cash, I need my own country song.  So, instead of raising a family and living the traditional life, I’ve spent my own focusing on travel, living in war zones, and taking on the man.  I now write the words to inspire my fellow travelers of the world, to open minds and show you that it can be done without a fortune, but you just have to be willing to put in the work.  Yes, work (it’s called research) 😉

My Life Journey:

Now, if you wonder how my crazy life ended up here, I can tell you, that it’s been a journey.  I started in the middle of nowhere Iowa, joined the Air Force at 18, got married at 19, divorced—thankfully at 29—went to Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, fell in love a few times over, went to a number of very dark places, earned my MBA in Business, my Doctorate in International Business while I was in my tiny apartment in Barcelona, Spain, another Bachelor’s in Construction Management, while hanging in Dallas, Tx, and came out bouncing around the world and learning about everything else that I never had my eyes opened to before.  I’m all about learning and being open to “most” different types of experiences.  I ate brain, but I’m not eating eyeballs.  Nope, nope, nope. Line drawn. Check. I’ve danced salsa in the undergrounds of Jordan, I’ve swam in Saddam’s pools, been through the Red-Light District of Amsterdam, found the Swinger’s Club in Cancun, walked through the Cu-Chi tunnels in Vietnam, and danced with the devil in Thailand. If the location or the experience is a little off, I’ve either been there or am all about going.


Why I Chose this Blog Name:

You may ask, why do you choose Travel Till You Drop as the name of your blog, and I’ll tell you, It’s because I’m going to Travel until the Day I Drop and I’m going to take as many people as I can with me while I can ride this ride.  Eventually I’ll offer expeditions where I do the planning for you if desired, but right now, I’m just here to help you find ways to afford to do what I do and show you some of the crazy places I’ve been, and experiences that I’m not entirely sure how I survived.  I’ll show you the interesting and obscure, and off the beaten path type of travel, while explaining how to afford doing it.  It’s been one heck of a life and I’ve lived it.  I wish I could change a number of decisions I’ve made, but at the same time, it’s made me who I am.  I’m old enough to know better, but desire to be young enough to still want to be curious and a little bit off.  The fun part about this blog is that I get to be me.  You love me… awesome.. you hate me… bye Felicia, but I’m sure I’ll find my people, and ohhhh we’re gonna travel—and not just travel, but Travel Till You Drop!

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