Dark Tourism in Babenhausen Barracks Germany

Dark Tourism in Babenhausen Barracks

The worst period in Europe's recent history, World War II, must be mentioned whenever grim regions are cited for dark tourists. The number of tourists to various World War II locations in Europe has increased to millions. If you're seeking somewhere a little less busy but leans towards the dark side, make sure to put the Babenhausen Barracks in Germany on your list.

Babenhausen Barracks in Germany

Historical Flashback of Baubenhausen Barracks

Adolf Hitler and his experimentation with the Nazis will live on in the history of Germany. In addition to having historical relevance, it also has a dark side. Numerous troops wearing Nazi uniforms, ones that aren’t exactly a part of the living, have reportedly been seen marching near the Babenhausen Barracks in Germany, even today. The most unsettling aspect is when someone answers ringing phones in the barracks.  According to mythology, a witch was executed in the region in the 1800s, and according to legend, she was burned at the stake and in her revengeful state, she killed troops in the 1900s by seducing them.

The Haunting Baubenhausen Barracks: A Popular Dark Tourist Site

After World War II, the barracks that once housed soldiers during the war, fell into disrepair; however, a portion of these barracks has since been transformed into a museum. They are included on the list of Europe's top destinations for Dark Tourism because the barracks frequently receive accounts of eerie behavior. A terrific ghost story can make you shiver, and Babenhausen Barracks has a particularly chilling one. When you arrive, you can get a startle as German voices yelling orders to their officers have been heard coming from the cellar.

When you go, make sure you have a torch or light source with you because the building's lamps have a history of turning on and off all by themselves. Troops who have been to the site have even reported dialling a telephone in the bunkers and hearing a human voice speaking backwards. Additionally, German soldiers of the undead have been spotted walking the hallways in their military uniforms.  

Witches in Germany

Historically Germany has one of the most significant rates of witchcraft executions which pushed its notoriety to a higher level on the Dark Tourism list (even more than Salem Massachusetts).  Many women and children were tormented and burned alive throughout Germany until the Renaissance period. Witch castles, which were once a feature of medieval town gates or castles that served as a prison or dungeons, can still be found in many German towns. There is one such castle in Babenhausen, and this town has experienced witch hunts. So much so that the Hexi ("Witch"), a local specialty beer, uses the neighbourhood witch tower as a label.  It was reported that one of the more notorious witches was one of the witches who was executed.  It is believed that she cursed her executioners and as part of that curse led women seducing troops to their death.  It is said that in the dead of night, screaming German instructors are frequently heard yelling and at other times footsteps echo the hallways.


Overall, it’s worth it to take a quick trip out to the Babenhausen Barracks just to see what it’s all about.  If you find a ghost, by all means, come back and let me know. The history of the location is enough to wonder what it’s all about, so if you have time, why the heck not?

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