Dark Tourism in Iceland


Iceland's nature is volatile and characterized by volcanic eruptions that have been causing air traffic disruptions across Europe. However, these volcanic activities attract a special cluster of tourists, among the many volcanic destinations in Iceland one that stands out as a fascinating and captivating dark tourism destination, is Viti. Viti is an explosive creator with a warm sulphurous lake that tourists can go swim in! To access the lake you first have to clamber from the creator rim down to the lake, this should be done carefully as the surface is quite muddy, slippery and extremely steep. In Icelandic Viti is a word used to mean hell. Located in Central Iceland within the massive Askja caldera, the 150-yard explosive creator is among one of the most active volcanic destinations for tourists. The long road that is used to commute to Viti is made up of a rough track extending through a thrilling wilderness that tourists are unlikely to see or experience anywhere else. On your way, you go through lava fields of different types and ages and vast extensions of pumice that have been deposited as a result of Viti explosions. Viti can give the most exquisite moonscape imaginable at its extreme, so moonscape it is that NASA sent its astronauts to train for Apollo landings on the real moon.



Heimaey is the main island of the Vestmannaeyjar and Westman groups located on the south coast of Iceland. The island is well known to be a busy fishing harbour for its settlement. The dramatic volcanic eruption that took place in 1973 has placed the area on the maps as a dark tourism in iceland destination. The eruption was severe, covering houses with layers of lava and ash, it also led to the expansion of the island by creating new land to its east. For today's dark tourism, a trip to the Heimaey is worth it for the remaining signs and evidence of the destruction and damage caused by the volcanic activities, especially the remains of residential areas that were crushed by the lava. The best way to sightsee interesting points in the Heimaey is through coach drives around the island. Some fascinating sites include the Eldfell Volcano itself, the new land that was created by the eruption is also a good point to drive through while on the island. The island has one rule regarding the new, the new rule is that it remains to be public land until someone manages to make a garden that can last for more than one season without being blown away by a storm. There is also an excavation project in the area that began in 2005. This project's purpose is to provide a full-blown tourist experience to people visiting the island.  And remember, wherever you go to Travel Till You Drop!



//Jill Charpia/TravelTillYouDrop