Affordable Kenya Tour Packages | Just $30 Per Day

Low Costs Kenya Tour Packages

Kenya is the most expensive city to live in and travel to in Africa. In comparison to first-world countries, the rate is very affordable, and the dollar will go a long way. In this article, we’ll introduce the best Kenya tour packages for you which is very affordable.

Do you believe that you can have a good time in Kenya for only $30 per day? You may be wondering if this budget will allow you to cover accommodation, food, and transportation costs. Also, what if I also include Safari in this budget? Seems impossible? But it's not. It is mainly dependent on the itinerary of activities that you plan to complete in Kenya.

Let me introduce you to a reliable package that allows you to travel in Kenya for as little as $30 a day:

  1. Hotel Expenses

There are several levels of accommodation available in Kenya.

The cheapest Kenyan hotels are rather run-down; however, rooms are likely to be $7 - $8 per night. These hotels should only be used as a last resort for travelers because they are unsanitary and perhaps unsafe.

Hostel dorm beds in Kenya range in price from $6 to $10 per night and are not always available. There are many hotels/rooms available at, with affordable rates.

  1. Food

Food costs in Kenya have risen due to Kenya’s highest inflation period in 2022. Despite this, the variety of food in Kenya allows you to enjoy some of the most delicious and reasonably priced meals. Hearty Kenyan Street cuisine lunches with rice, veggies, beans, and 0.15 chicken fillets might cost $2 per plate. There are cheaper street food vendors that mainly only serve fruits and vegetables that hardly costs $1. If wish to try it, eating nyama-choma, otherwise known as Kenyan BBQ, will cost $4, which is quite popular there. Additionally, if you desire, you can buy a kilo of goat and a whole roasted chicken for around $5.  If you’d prefer to sit down and have a meal rather than take in the local street food, meals are frequently priced between $5 and $6.

  1. Transportation Cost

Matatus, a privately owned form of public transportation such as a minibus or the back of a truck, tends to be the quickest and cheapest way to travel around Kenya's major cities. Due to high fuel prices, matatu rides start at 80 KES ($0.67) and go up depending on the time of day or night, as well as the route and demand. Nairobi Bus Service and Citi Hoppa buses also operate in and around Nairobi, Kenya. 

Buses frequently cost around $1.26. per hour.  This is a rough estimate; depending on the quality of the bus, but you may find it cheaper or more expensive as you move throughout the city.

  1. Safari

In Kenya, safaris are simply not cheap at all, regardless of the variables you pick and arrange. A safari's total cost typically includes the park’s admission fees, transportation, hotel, and food, which can cost you around $180 - $ 250 per day if you book a tour. 


You can also make a money-saving choice.  You can rent a car and pay an entrance fee which will hardly cost you $15-$18 and do it on your own. You’ll have plenty of time to stop in the areas you wish to observe if you choose to and take in wonder and beauty. Just don't be deceived by an animal's attractive and cuddly appearance or your trip could rapidly come to an end. Remember to take all required safety precautions, we hope these Kenya tour packages will help you a lot, and don’t forget to…..Travel Till You Drop!!



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