Dark Tourism Africa

Dark Tourism Africa

Are you sick of going to the beach and seeing the same old tourist attractions? Many individuals choose to visit the locations of some of the world's worst tragedies and mass murders areas to develop an understanding of the past. As tourism becomes more accessible, so does the demand for the unusual and thrilling increases with it.

It is not necessarily the typical enjoyable travel experience, but exposing yourself to dark tourism delivers a sense of adventure, a surreal mood, as well as a deeper knowledge of the world.


There are several areas in Morocco where you can indulge in dark tourism. Some of them are:

  1. Meknes Qara Prison

The legendary Moulay Ismail, possibly Morocco's cruelest and most oppressive monarch, established this prison in the 18th century. The prison has no doors, is fully underground, and no one has ever been released even though hundreds (thousands?) of individuals have been imprisoned inside. From the top of the prison, there are various holes. People were thrown into the prison via the holes, and food was also given in this manner. Moulay Ismail's rule was a bloodbath. It is estimated that 30,000 individuals died by his hand through slavery, imprisonment, and forced labor. When workers used to die while constructing the city's 45-kilometer-long walls, they were simply thrown into the walls and entombed.

Today, you can go see one of the prison's remaining rooms, but the remaining passageways have been shut.

  1. The Military Museum

Morocco features a museum where you can see a variety of weaponry and objects that depict Morocco's war history. It is situated in a military fort on the summit of a hill with the greatest view of the entire city. In 1963, this 16th-century stronghold was converted into a museum. It presently holds an extraordinary collection of weapons from Morocco's various civilizations throughout its history. Although the Military Museum of Fez is largely made up of Moroccan firearms, it also has weapons from other countries and civilizations. There is a five-meter-long cannon from the Battle of Alcácer Quibir, popularly known as the "Battle of Three Kings," which occurred approximately an hour and a half from Tangier. The Military Museum of Fez is currently Africa's largest military museum and a lure for Dark Tourists.

  1. Kem Kem Group, Sahara Desert

Scientists believe that the most dangerous spot on the planet is inside Morocco's Sahara desert. The Kem Kem Group is an area of Cretaceous rock formations along the Algeria-Morocco border in the south-east, which lies on the northern edge of the Sahara desert. Scientists based their conclusion not just on current conditions, but also on evidence dating back to the dinosaur era. They examined fossils from the area dating back 100 million years and discovered traces of deadly predators such as flying reptiles and crocodile-like animals. They concluded that it was the most inhospitable location in Africa during the 'Age of Dinosaurs.'

Nothing else will do if that doesn't sound like the plot for the upcoming Jurassic World.

Still, the Sahara Desert is a popular tourist destination in Morocco if you’d like to try something not as dark!  Just remember, that no matter where you go to always Travel Till You Drop!