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Slains Castle

If you're planning to tour of scotland castles, Slains Castle is one of the best place to visit in scotland. it is a huge spectacular ruin overlooking the southern cliffs a kilometer from the eastern part of Cruden Bay, Scotland. Slains Castle which was used by Bram Stoker as an inspiration for the story of Dracula is quite an unsettling place. The front of the large castle is positioned along the edge of the cliffs with what was once its garden, currently safeguarded from unwanted guests by a deep cloven that extends into the cliffs. Its internal structure is mainly composed of intersecting corridors built within the castle with bricks, the outside of the castle consists of a courtyard even though the current state of the castle makes it difficult to distinguish the inside from the outside. Slains Castle is clouded by a general air of creepiness, this harrowing atmosphere is accelerated by the dark vaulted room which served as a kitchen store accessed down a muddy slide. The Castle is unmistakably different from other Castle ruins in Scotland. Nature has given it a depiction that would hard press someone to call it attractive but the castle is certainly interesting. The castle can induce a petrifying imagination created by the melodies of crashing waves on rocks beneath and the cries of gulls. The route to the Castle is completely unaided by any signs and this makes the castle easily dangerous, if you go, make sure to watch your step.


Tour of Scotland Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle is postulated as one of the most haunted and historic castles in Scotland. Located at Dunblane Stirling, up towards Castle Esplanade the castle is clouded by stories of ghosts haunting its walls and halls. The castle has withstood many sieges and is also the crowning site of Mary queen of scots. Stirling has a dark history, with the ghosts of its pasts prowling every corner. Stories of a ghost known as The Pink Lady are common, but no one can ascertain the identity of the ghost when she was alive. Some people believe that she was a noble who starved to death in the castle during the independence war. Other tales claim that she was a victim of grave thieves who stole her remains and brought them to the castle for necropsy, they believe that her ghost still lurks around looking for her remains so that she can finally find peace. Stirling Castle is an exquisite destination and one of the most spooky sites to visit in Scotland. 

So enjoy your tour of Scotland, and then get ready for a little Dark Tourism in Iceland, and as always don't forget to Travel Till You Drop! 


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