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Running of The Bulls in Spain

Looking for a very cultural and historical experience?   Well then, look no further.  Running of the Bulls in Spain is one of the treasured past-times in the month of July ever year.  It’s the heart pounding attempt not to get gored while running in front of a ticked off, freaked out herd of bulls.  I can tell you as I write this, I’m still getting the chills from the energy that this event creates.  The bulls weigh in in upwards of 2,000 pounds are released into a set route in the Pamplona, Spain streets where people gather by the masses. 

Official schedule of events/information:  https://www.runningofthebulls.com       


If you choose to run, you can do so for free.  Take your chances and pray to San Fermin before you do. 

What to wear:

 White pants and shirt and a red scarf that you can purchase in any of the local shops and your fastest running shoes.  The traditional colors of this event stand out everywhere and it adds to the flair of the even and is all but expected if you participate. 


This event takes place for a period of week throughout the month of July.

The Running of the Bulls in spain happens each day around 8 in the morning as well as a traditional bullfight each evening at 6:30pm. 


July in Spain is exceptionally hot.  Make sure to bring a lot of shorts, light shirts, and plenty of undergarments.  The climate is dry, but you will sweat (a lot).

If you choose not to do the running yourself, fear not, you will not miss out on the fun!  You may miss out on the hospital bills, but there’s not a thing wrong with watching the crazy people ;-).  You can purchase a seat along route or even a balcony at someone’s home.  There are a number of choice locations where you can see and feel the heart pounding action.  

I highly recommend Monica G de Canal to help you locate the best place for you., whether is on the straightaway where the bulls get to their full speeds or around Dead Man’s Corner, where they can’t slow down quick enough and slide and trample into the runners.  Yes, it’s a bit twisted, but then again, if they are willing to do it, we may as well watch.  This company specializes in events to be seen from a balcony around Spain.   Monica G de Canal is amazing and can help guide you through whatever you may need.   You will end up paying half up front via credit card and the 2nd half in person when you arrive the day before to pick up your tickets.  Arrive early as you won’t want to have to fight the crowds to try to find the location.

She speaks excellent English, and you can contact her either via the webpage or directly.

But no matter where you go, make sure you Travel Till You Drop!

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