Traditional Food in Spain | Best 5 Dishes For Travellers

Best Traditional Food in Spain

Spain is the biggest European maker of fish and vegetables. The assortment and freshness of the items are combined with the Spaniards’ ability and imagination. This results in a culinary tradition that is continually reestablished without giving up its roots. 
Getting to know the conventional foods and nourishments of Spain goes far beyond tasting them. It is an amazing experience for each traveler who is serious one day to visit Spain. Here we introduce the top five traditional food in Spain: 

1. Paella
Paella is one of Spain’s most traditional foods. It is very simple to get ready. Also, it is made with rice and has numerous versions. The unique form is the Valencian Paella, with chicken and rabbit meats customarily made over a wood fire. But the recipe that has picked up popularity outside Spain is the Paella Marinera. It takes fish such as shrimp, octopus, squid, and mussels. It is prepared and served in a shallow, wide pan with a handle on each side called Paella. This is how it gives rise to the dish’s title.

2. Gazpacho y Salmorejo 
These are two tomato soups found in different districts of Spain and are exceptionally well known in Andalusia. These soups are served cold. Since of their softness and temperature, they are exceptionally prevalent in the summer. The distinction between them is that Salmorejo includes stale bread in its recipe and wraps it up with pieces of hard-boiled eggs and serrano ham. At the same time, Gazpacho includes a more fluid surface since it does not include bread and has more vegetable fixings like cucumber and peppers. So, it is also famous and one of the best traditional food in Spain.


 3. Tortilla
Another Spain traditional food is Tortilla. It is Spanish nourishment that is liked in almost every corner of Spain. It is eaten anytime and anyplace, whether at domestic, in bars, or in eateries. The tortilla recipe is made with eggs and potatoes and takes after an omelet. The versions with fillings shift concurring to locale, the most common being cheese, ham, pepperoni, and sausage. Having known how it is made and the recipe of tortilla it is very famous in most parts of the country.

4. Polbo a Feira
Polbo á Feira is a Spanish food having a tradition of more than 400 years. It is a traditional food mostly in Galicia but with roots within the territory of León. It is locally called Polbo á Feira. In this dish, the octopus is cooked entirely and served in little pieces, prepared with olive oil, paprika, and salt. Moreover, it is served on a wooden plate and went with bubbled potatoes. That is why it is one of the best traditional foods in Spain.

5. Pan con Tomate
Pan con Tomate is a healthy and traditional food of Barcelona. It is also very easy to prepare. You only need a slice of bread, a tomato, garlic, olive oil, and salt. Within the Catalan adaptation, the garlic is rubbed on the bread, at that point cut the tomato in half and rub it once more. Finally, you need to include olive oil and salt to taste. Moreover, utilized the tomato to soften the bread from the day before.


So, if you are a traveler and want to stay one day in Spain, we hope this article will be most helpful for you to find the best food. Just never forget to Travel Till You Drop!

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