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Koh Samui, Thailand

It’s official…I’m spoiled today! (I wrote this a few years back and it’s still true) I thought some of the other places I’ve been were awesome, but today, I learned, that, I still had more to learn. I landed in Koh Samui, a little island off the coast of Thailand after spending a week in Phuket. Best things to do in koh samui is the view as we came in for a landing consisted of water that reflected blues and greens that only the tropics can provide..  As I looked out, other small islands popped up around it, making this look like an absolute paradise.




The small little airport (USM) we landed in reminded me of the one I landed in, in Tahiti; Small, quaint, and open air. That’s one of the things I love coming to these places, as they are easy to get through and always welcoming!

From there, my driver (arranged by the homeowner) picked me up at the entrance and took me on a 20-minute journey to my humble abode for $15USD.


Where to Stay (Kim's Honeymoon Beach house)

Ok, this time around it wasn’t so humble. I did decide to splurge on a place (not quite my Four Seasons vacations, but certainly a lot more than I've been spending on my trip) that was footsteps off the beach. So today, I will tell you, Airbnb did it up right. This place may be $110/night but compare it to what you can get at home for that and prepare to be in awe.

At this rate, I have the entire house to myself, a bathtub (not common over here-unless in a commercialized hotel) and I can walk out my back door directly onto the beach. The views are stunning and there are only a couple of handfuls of people that wander their way past. Sigh. Hit the play button on the videos and you'll be able to see a bit of what I see.

The house is set off from the main road and is close to a 7-11, an outdoor market, and a variety of restaurants, and is located in one of the quietest areas in Koh Samui.  As with most of Koh Samui, you will hear a bit of road noise while sitting outside on the beach, but it's still pretty tolerable when considering all of the creature comforts that are nearby.




The Outside (click for video)


The Inside (click for video)


Things To Do in Koh Samui

Additionally, you will be situated near enough massage parlors to keep you relaxed, and several but steps away on the beach. A Thai massage (one where they literally stick a foot in it), will run about 250 baht here, and an oil massage around 350 baht. This is equivalent to $8 to $10.50 USD for an hour massage. Local dishes, prepared for you fresh, will run around 180 baht, which will increase if you desire other than traditional Thai food. There are several night Walking Streets located within a 10-20 minute drive where you can shop for souvenirs, grab a bite to eat, or just people watch.


So, if you're looking for a nice romantic vacation without the high price tag, make sure you check out Kim's Honeymoon Beachhouse. 

And always remember to Travel Till You Drop!